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Perfiles de poliuretano para ventanas

Polyurethane profiles for windows: an optimal choice

The current trend in architecture is to achieve more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. The aim is to reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere, while also increasing the economic viability of homes. For this reason, any energy modification in a house means to optimize its isolation. The improvement of the thermal insulation of the building can suppose energy …

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poliuretano en el surf

Surfboard polyurethane systems: light and resistant

There are more and more people everyday who practise surf, a sport in which polyurethane systems are very present. Since the Polynesians used in ancient times similar boards to the current ones in order to move from one island to the other or since the first sport competition in California in 1885, surfboards have evolved to include lightweight and resistant …

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Piezas de poliuretano de alta densidad

High density polyurethane parts: strength and durability

Polyurethane systems are widely used in different sectors ranging from construction to medicine. We can find polyurethane systems in seats, housings, technical laboratory equipment, armrests, headrests, rims, and even in the adhesive joints between different pieces. Polyurethane is a very strong material. This and other properties such as adaptability have been key, for example, in the development of the automotive …

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poliuretano para butacas de cine

The comfort of polyurethane foam for cinema seats

Since the moment when, by end of the nineteenth century, the Lumière brothers made the first film show or when Alice Guy created the first narrative film, cinemas have undergone a multitude of changes thanks to the technological taking place in the last century. Technology, along with the evolution of the audience’s consumption habits, has turned cinema into a sensorial …

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Equipamiento técnico de poliuretano

Polyurethane systems in laboratory technical equipment

Polyurethane is a polymer commonly used in laboratories, not only as part of the experiments being carried out, but as part of the industrial products that constitute the technical equipment of a laboratory. Polyurethane systems provide great resistance and durability to the technical parts, while the different levels of density are able to adapt to the most improbable forms. Magnetic stirrers, photometers, …

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poliuretano para las bodegas de los barcos

Rigid polyurethane foam for the holds of ships

Polyurethane systems are a highly recommended material to insulate the cold rooms of ships’ holds thanks to their excellent behaviour, which guarantees the insulation while not affecting buoyancy. Closed-cell polyurethane rigid foam is frequently used in different sectors in order to achieve a correct thermal insulation. As in thermal tanks or refrigerated trucks, the material that insulates the load from the exterior must, at the …

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spoiler poliuretano sistemas

Polyurethane car spoilers improve aerodynamics

Did you know that the pieces that favor the aerodynamics of vehicles are made of polyurethane? The qualities of lightness and strength of these pieces turn polyurethane systems into one of the most suitable materials to manufacture them. These pieces are intended to intervene in the airflow around the vehicle and they are known as spoilers. The front and rear skirts and the …

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sistemas de poliuretano para maniquíes

Polyurethane and fashion: a union in constant innovation

Polyurethane is also present in the fashion world. In addition to fabrics that are made from polyurethane, the mutability of this material offers the possibility of using it in other areas of the fashion industry, such as polyurethane mannequins. Mannequins are an element that was incorporated into tailor shops and boutiques in the 19th century, and the purpose of these molds …

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marcos de poliuretano madera

Versatility of faux wood polyurethane frames

Polyurethane systems offer great versatility in decoration thanks to the possibility of imitating different finishes and decorative materials. Polyurethane allows to make different types of mouldings, from integral skin finishes to the imitation of brick, stone or wood. All these decorative solutions manage to renew the appearance of interior spaces without having to do great works. Another form in which polyurethane can be present …

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polyurethane mouldings

Boom of mouldings in decoration

Mouldings are a decorative solution that gives personality to the room and provides a completely renewed decoration. There is a great variety of materials for the manufacture of mouldings: metal, wood, etc. As an example, polyurethane mouldings are versatile, allowing to obtain an imitation of wood and providing an elegant, classic and vintage style. In architecture, mouldings are used to make finishes or …

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Can wood beams be made of polyurethane systems?

There is a wide variety of polyurethane systems that allow to mould objects and give them realistic material finishes. We have some examples, such as the integral skin leather finish for office furniture or the imitation of brick or stone in decorative panels. In today’s interior architecture, exposed timber beams are widely used. Is it possible to manufacture these elements using polyurethane systems? Yes, …

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Polyurethane filler for boats: buoyancy and insulation

Like thermal tanks, boats also benefit from the advantages of using polyurethane as a large cavity filler. In the case of boats, filling the hull with polyurethane ensures insulation and buoyancy. The latter is a basic requirement to meet the highest quality standards. Boat buoyancy A boat must be unsinkable. From recreational boats to large transatlantic freighters, all of them must successfully …

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panel fibra madera adhesivo poliuretano

Polyurethane adhesives for panels

Polyurethane adhesives are quite common products in our daily lives. Every day, we use many things that have to do with these types of adhesives, as they are used to stick materials such as wood, plastic, paperboard, metal or glass. In construction, furniture and packaging industry, polyurethane adhesives are essential products. In the case of some insulating materials, they play …

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Waterproofing of swimming pool polyurethane elastomer

Waterproofing of swimming pools with polyurethane elastomer

In addition to its applications in the building sector, polyurethane also plays an important role in the industry sector. Thanks to its waterproofing function, it is an ideal material for the coating of swimming pools. Origin of moisture in swimming pools When waterproofing is not completely watertight anymore, then dampness appears in the pools, which can have two different origins. a) …

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Ergonomic furniture with polyurethane integral skin

Ergonomic furniture with polyurethane integral skin

The semi-rigid integral skin polyurethane foams are used in various sectors for multiple applications due to their versatility. Synthesia Internacional has integral skin polyurethane systems for sectors such as furniture, car or protection of facilities. Within the furniture sector, there are subsectors such as office furniture, industrial furniture, furniture for the tertiary sector or furniture for hospitals and nursing homes. …

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