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Versatility of faux wood polyurethane frames

marcos de poliuretano madera

Polyurethane systems offer great versatility in decoration thanks to the possibility of imitating different finishes and decorative materials. Polyurethane allows to make different types of mouldings, from integral skin finishes to the imitation of brick, stone or wood. All these decorative solutions manage to renew the appearance of interior spaces without having to do great works. Another form in which polyurethane can be present …

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Boom of mouldings in decoration

polyurethane mouldings

Mouldings are a decorative solution that gives personality to the room and provides a completely renewed decoration. There is a great variety of materials for the manufacture of mouldings: metal, wood, etc. As an example, polyurethane mouldings are versatile, allowing to obtain an imitation of wood and providing an elegant, classic and vintage style. In architecture, mouldings are used to make finishes or …

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Can wood beams be made of polyurethane systems?

There is a wide variety of polyurethane systems that allow to mould objects and give them realistic material finishes. We have some examples, such as the integral skin leather finish for office furniture or the imitation of brick or stone in decorative panels. In today’s interior architecture, exposed timber beams are widely used. Is it possible to manufacture these elements using polyurethane systems? Yes, …

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Installation of polyurethane decorative panels

polyurethane decorative panels

When decorating interior walls, polyurethane decorative panels offer a wide range of faux finishes, imitating materials such as stone, brick, textile, concrete or wood finishes. In addition to the versatility of the finishes, there are two features that can be found in all polyurethane decorative panels, which are lightness and toughness. These features make polyurethane decorative panels a product that is easy to install and to …

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