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Surfboard polyurethane systems: light and resistant

poliuretano en el surf

There are more and more people everyday who practise surf, a sport in which polyurethane systems are very present. Since the Polynesians used in ancient times similar boards to the current ones in order to move from one island to the other or since the first sport competition in California in 1885, surfboards have evolved to include lightweight and resistant …

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High density polyurethane parts: strength and durability

Piezas de poliuretano de alta densidad

Polyurethane systems are widely used in different sectors ranging from construction to medicine. We can find polyurethane systems in seats, housings, technical laboratory equipment, armrests, headrests, rims, and even in the adhesive joints between different pieces. Polyurethane is a very strong material. This and other properties such as adaptability have been key, for example, in the development of the automotive …

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Polyurethane systems in laboratory technical equipment

Equipamiento técnico de poliuretano

Polyurethane is a polymer commonly used in laboratories, not only as part of the experiments being carried out, but as part of the industrial products that constitute the technical equipment of a laboratory. Polyurethane systems provide great resistance and durability to the technical parts, while the different levels of density are able to adapt to the most improbable forms. Magnetic stirrers, photometers, …

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Rigid polyurethane foam for the holds of ships

poliuretano para las bodegas de los barcos

Polyurethane systems are a highly recommended material to insulate the cold rooms of ships’ holds thanks to their excellent behaviour, which guarantees the insulation while not affecting buoyancy. Closed-cell polyurethane rigid foam is frequently used in different sectors in order to achieve a correct thermal insulation. As in thermal tanks or refrigerated trucks, the material that insulates the load from the exterior must, at the …

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Polyurethane and fashion: a union in constant innovation

sistemas de poliuretano para maniquíes

Polyurethane is also present in the fashion world. In addition to fabrics that are made from polyurethane, the mutability of this material offers the possibility of using it in other areas of the fashion industry, such as polyurethane mannequins. Mannequins are an element that was incorporated into tailor shops and boutiques in the 19th century, and the purpose of these molds …

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