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Rigid polyurethane foam for the holds of ships

poliuretano para las bodegas de los barcos

Polyurethane systems are a highly recommended material to insulate the cold rooms of ships’ holds thanks to their excellent behaviour, which guarantees the insulation while not affecting buoyancy. Closed-cell polyurethane rigid foam is frequently used in different sectors in order to achieve a correct thermal insulation. As in thermal tanks or refrigerated trucks, the material that insulates the load from the exterior must, at the …

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Waterproofing of swimming pools with polyurethane elastomer

Waterproofing of swimming pool polyurethane elastomer

In addition to its applications in the building sector, polyurethane also plays an important role in the industry sector. Thanks to its waterproofing function, it is an ideal material for the coating of swimming pools. Origin of moisture in swimming pools When waterproofing is not completely watertight anymore, then dampness appears in the pools, which can have two different origins. a) …

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