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Filling large cavities

Polyurethane filler for boats: buoyancy and insulation

Like thermal tanks, boats also benefit from the advantages of using polyurethane as a large cavity filler. In the case of boats, filling the hull with polyurethane ensures insulation and buoyancy. The latter is a basic requirement to meet the highest quality standards. Boat buoyancy A boat must be unsinkable. From recreational boats to large transatlantic freighters, all of them must successfully …

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Polyurethane systems in thermal tanks

polyurethane systems thermal tanks

Rigid polyurethane foam is recognized in the market as the material that provides an optimal insulation in multiple applications. Its versatility in the manufacturing process can be adapted to the surfaces in a unique way, providing the performance required in each case. The case of thermal tanks As an example of application of polyurethane in the field of filling large …

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