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Polyurethane and fashion: a union in constant innovation

Polyurethane is also present in the fashion world. In addition to fabrics that are made from polyurethane, the mutability of this material offers the possibility of using it in other areas of the fashion industry, such as polyurethane mannequins.

Mannequins are an element that was incorporated into tailor shops and boutiques in the 19th century, and the purpose of these molds was to imitate human appearance as much as possible, in order to avoid the long hours of testing and measurement required when making a piece of clothing.

The materials used have been changing since the beginning, evolving from the waxes and plasters of the beginnings to polyurethane systemswhich offer a great versatility when imitating different finishes and materials.

sistemas de poliuretano para maniquíes

Polyurethane systems for mannequins

The new mannequin manufacturing modalities

Polyurethane systems for mannequins offer a great variability in their production since they allow their manufacturing with different mechanical systems and finishes.

Apart from adapting themselves to the more traditional manufacturing of mannequins with predetermined plaster molds that match standardized sizes, polyurethane systems for mannequins are a material present in innovative solutions such as 3D printing.

Mapping and 3D printing technology allow the possibility of making mannequins from real models, which means a qualitative leap in the world of fashion, since it will allow the production of articles on demand without the presence of the person in the workshop.

Polyurethane systems in the manufacture of traditional mannequins

But these innovations are far from being the day-to-day of tailor workshops. Meanwhile, polyurethane systems are still present in traditional manufacturing. Polyurethane is a highly resistant material as a final product but very flexible in its initial application. Therefore, when injected in a mannequin mold, we obtain a polyurethane mannequin that meets the manufacturer’s requirements.

Elastomer 9163 system

Synthesia Technology manufactures a polyurethane system that offers a solution for the manufacture of custom mannequins. This is the elastomer 9163 system.

The 9163 is a two-component polyurethane system with high reactivity, low-viscosity and without blowing agent, to produce rotational moulding pieces with high hardness and good physical and mechanic properties.

Elastomer 9163 System Components

  • Component A: Polyol 9163. A mixture of polyols containing catalysts and stabiliser agents.
  • Component B: Isocyanate HT16. MDI (Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate ) modified.


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