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Rigid polyurethane foam for boat holds

Polyurethane systems are a highly recommended material to isolate the cold rooms of boats hold  thanks to their excellent behaviour that guarantees the insulation while not affecting buoyancy.

The closed-cell polyurethane rigid foam is frequently used in different sectors, such as construction, in order to achieve a correct thermal insulation. As in thermal tanks or refrigerated trucks, the material that insulates the load from the exterior must, at the same time, achieve the thermal stability required for the proper conservation of the products.

poliuretano para las bodegas de los barcos

Properties of polyurethane for boats

Boat polyurethane systems, especially closed-cell rigid foam, have a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity which provides a high degree of insulation. In addition, one of the advantages of using polyurethane is that its rigidity is high, a property that allows a greater resistance to external aggressions.

The application of closed-cell polyurethane foams in situ allows them to adapt perfectly to the thickness of the hull of the boat. Its high adhesion to the inner surfaces of the hull makes the contour between the hull and the deck perfectly sealed.

The polyurethane for boats allows the boat to have a high level hygrothermic insulation and lightness that keep their buoyancy.

Advantages of its application in boat holds

The properties of waterproofing and thermal insulation offered by polyurethane rigid foam are very useful in the case of boats that have  cold rooms in their holds.

Cold rooms have to comply with very strict requirements of relative humidity because if humidity is higher or lower than the established limits, the product can be damaged and become thus unusable.

Polyurethane allows to maintain the humidity within the established limits thanks to its low absorption of water and its low transmission of water vapour.

Casting System 9758-X

At Synthesia Internacional, we manufacture a polyurethane system that offers a solution for the correct insulation of boat holds. This is the Casting 9758-X system.

This system is designed for the production of rigid foams with applied density of 40-50 kg / m3 that are specially indicated in the isolation and filling of all type of cavities such as holds or cold rooms.

Casting System 9758-X Components

  • COMPONENT A: Poliol 9758-X. A mixture of polyols containing catalysts and stabiliser agents.
  • COMPONENT B: Isocianato H25C PMDI (Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate ) modified.

You can see all the technical characteristics in the following sheet.

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