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Surfboard polyurethane systems: light and resistant

poliuretano en el surfThere are more and more people everyday who practise surf, a sport in which polyurethane systems are very present. Since the Polynesians used in ancient times similar boards to the current ones in order to move from one island to the other or since the first sport competition in California in 1885, surfboards have evolved to include lightweight and resistant materials such as polyurethane.

A surfboard should offer a high resistance to the hits of the waves, while allowing a proprer buoyancy (fundamental in surfing). For this reason, since the 60’s, surfboards made of polyurethane have been the most present ones in the competitions and those shown in the windows of the surf shops, thanks to their properties.

Polyurethane systems in surfing

Thanks to its density, polyurethane results in a light weight and an outstanding impact resistance. This makes polyurethane an ideal material for different accessories needed for surfing. You can find polyurethane not only in the above mentioned surfboards, but also in some swimsuits specially designed for this sport, considered as “anti-shark swimsuits”.

Properties provided by polyurethane to surfboards

Polyurethane systems provide features to surfboards that contribute to make the mission of standing on the wave easier.

  • Lightness: thanks to its molecular structure, polyurethane contributes to flotation while guaranteeing the usability of the surfboard.
  • Resistance: Polyurethane becomes a hard material that resists to hits and time even with an intensive use as that of surfing.
  • Durability: a good resistance to continuous use, together with a good performance before water and salinity, makes it a durable material that makes investments in this type of surfboards worth it.

In addition, thanks to the flexibility of the material in the manufacturing processes, the polyurethane foams are perfectly adapted to the desired shape of the board.


The 9907 casting system for the manufacture of surfboards

Synthesia Internacional manufactures a polyurethane system that offers a perfect solution for surfboards. This is the 9907 casting system. This system is suitable for the production of rigid foams with applied density of 40 – 50 Kg / m3, especially indicated in the manufacture of surfboards.

Components of the Colada 9907 system

This polyurethane system consists of four components:

  • COMPONENT A: Polyol 9907. Mixture of polyols.
  • COMPONENT B: Isocyanate 1517B. TDI (Toluene diisocyanate).
  • COMPONENT C: Additive 9908.
  • COMPONENT D: Catalyst 19.


Would you like to learn about the technical features of the 9907 casting system for surfboards? Request its factsheet on our contact page:

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