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Rigid polyurethane foam for the holds of ships

poliuretano para las bodegas de los barcos

Polyurethane systems are a highly recommended material to insulate the cold rooms of ships’ holds thanks to their excellent behaviour, which guarantees the insulation while not affecting buoyancy. Closed-cell polyurethane rigid foam is frequently used in different sectors in order to achieve a correct thermal insulation. As in thermal tanks or refrigerated trucks, the material that insulates the load from the exterior must, at the …

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Polyurethane filler for boats: buoyancy and insulation

Like thermal tanks, boats also benefit from the advantages of using polyurethane as a large cavity filler. In the case of boats, filling the hull with polyurethane ensures insulation and buoyancy. The latter is a basic requirement to meet the highest quality standards. Boat buoyancy A boat must be unsinkable. From recreational boats to large transatlantic freighters, all of them must successfully …

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