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Waterproofing of swimming pools with polyurethane elastomer

In addition to its applications in the building sector, polyurethane also plays an important role in the industry sector. Thanks to its waterproofing function, it is an ideal material for the coating of swimming pools.

Origin of moisture in swimming pools

When waterproofing is not completely watertight anymore, then dampness appears in the pools, which can have two different origins.

a) Filterings from the outside, they are detected because the pool water gets dirty because of the particles that are dragged by the ground taken by the pool. When the water from the outside seeps into the pool, it causes the pool liner to detatch.

b) Leaks from the inside, more difficult to detect if they are small and go towards the ground, they occur when the pool ceases to be watertight, and they can happen towards the inside, in the pump enclosure or towards the outside, to the ground .

Waterproofing of swimming pool polyurethane elastomer

Waterproofing of swimming pools

There are many systems to make pools be waterproof, and these can be grouped into liquid systems and laminate systems.

Liquid systems for the waterproofing of swimming pools

These waterproofing systems are applied on the pools in a liquid state, achieving thus a total adhesion on the support. Some types, such as polyurethane elastomers, have a certain degree of elasticity, being able to absorb movements and fissures without breaking. Polyurethane elastomers can be adapted to any surface and design, solving singular points.

The main advantage of polyurethane elastomer is that it creates a continuous membrane, without joints, and adhered to the support. The fact of creating continuous waterproofing without joints or welds and completely adhering to the support reduces the chances of leakage. This feature implies the ability to locate leaks because, as it is adhered to the support, water can not circulate under the waterproofing.

polyurethane elastomer

We should also take into account the conditions for its application. In order to guarantee the quality of the liquid membranes, we will have to evaluate humidity in the environment, temperature, the quality and humidity of the support, etc.

Polyurethane elastomer URESPRAY P-500 Factsheet


Urespray P-500 is a pure polyurea based elastomeric system obtained by the reaction of two quickdrying liquid components applied by mechanical projection (spraying).

Description of the components

  • Component A: Urespray P-500. Mixture of Polieteramines
  • Component B: Isocianato 5332. Modified MDI (Diphenil methane diisocyanate)


The main applications of Urespray P-500 are in the industrial and building fields, mostly for
waterproofing and protection of roofing, balconies, overhangs, parking areas, concrete structures, water deposits, etc …., as well as elastomeric coating for polyurethane foam and expanded polystyrene.

Due to the spray application it provides a uniform coating areas where the surface is irregular or in areas with complicated geometry, (forming a uniform film).


The product is designed for application with standard two component spray equipment having component pressure from 150 to 200 Bars, which generally allows dosing in a ratio of 1:1, components being heated at 70-80 ºC.

Do you want to learn more about the application process, storage and safety recommendations and the ETA document of the Urespray P-500 system? Download the following document and you’ll receive further details on its technical features:

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